“AWS CLI: command not found on” macOS

I had following terminal output "zsh: command not found: aws" after the installation of the AWS CLI on macOS, because AWS CLI uses python and you need to ensure you did configure python right. That make it a little-bit more tricky for me to install that CLI on my machine, compared for example to the IBM Cloud CLI.

Bash scripting to ensure Kubernetes resources are deleted in synchronization

Sometimes we need to ensure that resources in Kubernetes are fully deleted before we setup other resources. In Kubernetes the timing and the synchronization can be very import and relevant. In that blog post we see a function of a bash script, that exactly does that job for namespaces. We are using a “for loop” combined with a nested “while loops” and other functionalities in bash to address that topic.

Access Prometheus queries using the Prometheus HTTP API

In the last long blog post we covered the topic Monitor your custom operator with Prometheus. That means we did a setup of a Prometheus operator and we created a Prometheus service instance. In our operator we registered an example counter called goobers_total at the Prometheus server to monitor the invocations for our controller inside the operator application. Now we want to access the counter information goobers_total by using the Prometheus HTTP API from a local Golang application.