How to connect a Cloudant database as datasource in Watson Studio?

I just want to share this small information:  How to connect a Cloudant database as a datasource and use the data in Watson Studio?

You maybe have a Node-RED flow and you want to use sample IoT data from that flow in a jupyter notebook? Therefor you save the data for example in a Cloudant database and then you access the data inside Watson Studio in a jupyter notebook to work with the data. Maybe that flow could be useful in a Hackathon.

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A promo code is used as a feature code @IBM Cloud

With this post I want to help to avoid pitfalls in wording of promo code and feature code in context with IBM Cloud.

I wrote in two blog posts about, how to enter promo codes and use them:

Sometimes you get a ” promo (promotion) code” or “feature code” at a conference or at a hackathon or on a website for free IBM Cloud usage.

So, the best definition from my point of view is:

“The promo code wording is often used for a feature code, but feature code is not a promo code.”

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