Fast setup of a Java microservice project with MicroProfileStarter

In this blog post I want to show the easy setup of an own MicroProfile/OpenLiberty project with MicroProfileStarter . From my perspective that is  very useful for new Java developers, who want to build microservices. The prerequisite is, you have installed maven and Java on your local machine.

You can use for more information the MicroProfileStarter it self and the OpenLiberty getting started documentation.

That’s fits perfect to the topic Cloud-Native. Maybe you already know, we (Niklas, Harald and I) working on the open sourced Cloud Native Starter project. That project contains sample code that demonstrates, how to get started with Cloud-Native applications and microservices based architectures. Here we use also MicroProfile/OpenLiberty.

We created a new 60 -90 min hands-on workshop with the focus on Java microservice development with MicroProfile/OpenLiberty and the deployment to Kubernetes on IBM Cloud. This workshop is perfect to get a basic understanding of the Cloud-Native and Java development topics and the combination with MicroProfileStarter is awesome for newer Java Developers.

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How to connect a Cloudant database as datasource in Watson Studio?

I just want to share this small information:  How to connect a Cloudant database as a datasource and use the data in Watson Studio?

You maybe have a Node-RED flow and you want to use sample IoT data from that flow in a jupyter notebook? Therefor you save the data for example in a Cloudant database and then you access the data inside Watson Studio in a jupyter notebook to work with the data. Maybe that flow could be useful in a Hackathon.

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(outdated) A promo code is used as a feature code @IBM Cloud

With this post I want to help to avoid pitfalls in wording of promo code and feature code in context with IBM Cloud.

I wrote in two blog posts about, how to enter feature codes and use them:

Sometimes you get a “promo (promotion) code” or “feature code” at a conference, at a hackathon or on a website for free IBM Cloud usage.

So, the best definition from my point of view is:

“The promo code wording is often used for a feature code, but feature code is not a promo code.”

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