How to extend a Custom Resource Definition for a GO Operator?

That blog post is about some basics how to extend a Custom Resource Definition in a GO Operator. For an Operator implementation you need a Custom Resource Definition and a controller implementation. The Custom Resource Definition for an operator is the basic first step to extend the Kubernetes API with your own functionalities. Usually you create a Custom Resource Definition before you write the controller for your operator.

How to delete services, secrets, and deployments related to a Custom Resource Object in a GO Operator?

This blog post is related to the blog post DEVELOP A SIMPLE OPERATOR TO DEPLOY A WEB APPLICATION USING THE GO OPERATOR SDK. In that last blog post we addressed the topic get a web frontend application running on Kubernetes using a GO Operator. An important part in that scenario is also, how to manage the clean-up for an application instance and it’s related Kubernetes resources and objects created by the operator based on the Custom Resource Object, or: How to delete services, secrets, and deployments related to a Custom Resource Object in a GO Operator?

Debug a Kubernetes Operator written in GO

In this blog post I want to share how to debug a GO Operator on your local machine on macOS. Adam de Leeuw and I verified it in different GO operator projects. Sometimes you find on Google information which uses the older Operator SDK. The following instructions worked for us in March 2022. 😉

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