Short example/cheat sheet how to use the new terraform module for IBM Cloud observability instances

This is a short example/cheat sheet about, how to use the new module called terraform-ibm-observability-instances to plan service instances on IBM Cloud with Terraform. You can find the source code for the example of the blog post in this GitHub repository Example to use the IBM Observability Module. In this example we plan to create an Activity Tracker, a Log Analysis, and a Monitoring service instance on IBM Cloud with Terraform.

Use Software Everywhere and IasCable to setup GitOps on a Red Hat OpenShift Cluster in a Virtual Private Cloud on IBM Cloud

This is a long blog post and the third one related to the Software Everywhere project and IasCable. Our objective in this blog post is to create a customized initial GitOps setup in an IBM Cloud environment. The Software Everywhere project and IasCable CLI do provide an awesome way to eliminate writing Terraform modules for various clouds such as IBM Cloud, AWS or Azure to create and configure resources. We are going to reuse Terraform modules which the Software Everywhere catalog does provide.

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