Hot topics on hot days @DevOpsCon in Berlin

Hot topics on hot days @DevOpsCon in Berlin These two days were really hot and that's why I created that motto ūüėČ Here are a few pictures and a brief impression of the DevOpsCon conference in Berlin. The DevOpsCon¬†Expo in Berlin on 11 - 14 June 2019 had approximately 800 participants and provided a¬†full program¬†on... Continue Reading →

How to deploy a container to the IBM Cloud Kubernetes service

I want to describe another way to run the¬†¬†Highscores-Service of the #BlueCloudMirror game¬†. In the game I use¬†¬†IBM Cloud Foundry apps, now I want to explore¬†IBM Cloud Kubernetes. Note: The #BlueCloudMirror game¬†we¬† @Niklas, @Harald and I made, is available as an Pattern on IBM Developer. The first step was creating a container for the Highscores-Service,¬†... Continue Reading →

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