Be aware of “opentracinqZipkin”, when you update to “MicroProfile 3.0” using “OpenTracing” with “OpenLiberty”

Today, just a very short note. You should be aware of opentracinqZipkin when you use  MicroProfile OpenTracing with OpenLiberty, because I noticed with the update to MicroProfile 3.0 I had a problem with usr:opentracinqZipkin-0.31. I created an issue on OpenLiberty

“MicroProfile 2.1 includes mpOpenTracing-1.2. MicroProfile 3.0 includes mpOpenTracing-1.3. Please make sure you are using the Zipkin sample built for mpOpenTracing-1.3. It can be downloaded at

I got that solution from Felix Wong.

But inside the server.xml will not reflect the version change, it will remaining the same feature name usr:opentracingZipkin-0.31.

<server description=”OpenLiberty Server”>

I hope this was useful for you and let’s see what’s next?



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