How to install MkDocs on Mac and setup the integration to GitHub pages?

This blog post contains the simplified steps, how to setup MkDocs for a GitHub project to use it with GitHub Pages. I won’t covering details about the background. The blog post is for me a little cheat sheet and maybe it is also useful for you. Steve Martinelli created an awesome blog post in that context called 5 Features I Like About Material for MkDoc.

Here an example GitHub project, which is based on the setup I documented in this blog post:

The gif shows the example project documentation:

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Create a python application instance in less than 5 min on IBM Cloud

In that blog post I want to highlight the cool topic: How to create a python application instance in minutes on IBM Cloud, using public Cloud Foundry. This could be useful in a Hackathon with Hackers who are new to IBM Cloud. Therefore I made a short 5 min YouTube video.

Here is the link where you can create your own python instance:

Just create your own free IBM Cloud Lite Account and try it out, therefore you only need an e-mail address and no credit card.

These are my related blog posts to the topic Hackathon:

I hope this was useful for you and let’s see what’s next?



PS:  You can also try out Kubernetes on IBM Cloud.

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