Open the door for root users in Red Hat OpenShift (example StatefulSet)¶

This “blog post"/"cheat sheet” is about “Open the door for root users in OpenShift (example StatefulSet)”. The topic is in context of two blog posts I wrote called Run a PostgreSQL container as a non-root user in OpenShift and Open the door for root users in Red Hat OpenShift¶.

If you want to get an overview of the existing Default OpenShift security context constraints visit the IBM Cloud documentation.

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What do you think about the OWASP web application security top ten as a developer?

I like the OWASP Top Ten for “developers” charts. From my point of view, it gives an awesome advice, where to start and helps to take care and remember what you maybe already know about web security implementation. From my side it feels a bit like “rub salt into the wound” of a developer soul, isn’t it so? Especially when you starting developing cloud native and microservices based applications.

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