Everything as Code and easy automation with minimal Terraform and GitOps knowledge

Infrastructure as Code and GitOps are ongoing big topics related to DevOps and CI/CD which needs effective automation to shorter the Software Development Lifecycle and simplify production deployments. In this blog post we don't talk much about these processes and methodologies. The blog post is more about how to reduce efforts to build an automation by using the IBM Accelerator Toolkit.

New Open-Source Multi-Cloud Asset to build SaaS

When software is provided as a managed service (SaaS), using a multi-tenant approach helps minimise costs for the deployments and operations of each tenant. In order to leverage these advantages, applications need to be designed so that they can be deployed to support multiple tenants, while maintaining isolation for security reasons. At the same time, common deployment and operation models are required so that new SaaS versions can be deployed to existing tenants, or to onboard new tenants, in a reliable and efficient way.