Deploy a container with a Helm chart

This blog post is a small cheat sheet to deploy and delete the vend application example with a Helm chart in an OpenShift cluster. The related GitHub repository is vend-helm.

Step 1: Clone example

git clone

Step 2: Log on to your OpenShift cluster

oc login --token=YOUR_TOKEN --server=YOUR_MASTERNODE_SERVER

Step 3: Navigate to the charts directory

cd vend-helm/charts

Step 4: Verify the helm chart

cd vend-helm/charts
helm dependency update ./vend-helm/
helm install --dry-run --debug vend_helm_chart ./vend-helm/

Step 5: Install helm chart

helm lint
helm install vend_helm ./vend-helm

Step 6: Uninstall helm chart

helm uninstall vend_helm

I hope this was useful to you and let’s see what’s next?



#helmchart, #openshift, #cheatsheet

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