Automated creation of a Red Hat OpenShift cluster on IBM Cloud using the existing CLIs and plugins

This blog post is about automating the creation of a Red Hat OpenShift cluster on IBM Cloud in a Virtual Private Cloud. I used bash scripting with the IBM Cloud CLI and and the associated IBM Cloud CLI plugins vpc-infrastructure and kubernetes-service. I also use jq to handle json output.

I created the bash automation in combination of the IBM Cloud documentation and tutorials and my blog post about the automated setup of a simple Virtual Private Cloud.  It’s more about learning and not so much for production.

These are the three resources I used in the IBM Cloud documentation:

I’m not going to show every function of the bash script in this blog post. For details, please visit the script in the GitHub project.

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Create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Virtual Server Instance (VSI) on IBM Cloud with Terraform

This is a “simple” cheat sheet, how to create a single virtual server instance (VSI) in the virtual private cloud (VPC) infrastructure on IBM Cloud using Terraform.

Terraform is to write infrastructure as code using declarative configuration files. HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) allows for concise descriptions of resources using blocks, arguments, and expressions.” resource Terraform

There is an awesome documentation on IBM Cloud to do this:

That blog post reuses a lot of the content in the IBM Cloud documentation. You need to install Terraform and and clone the example GitHub project as your example terraform project folder.

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