Short example/cheat sheet how to use the new terraform module for IBM Cloud observability instances

This is a short example/cheat sheet about, how to use the new module called terraform-ibm-observability-instances to plan service instances on IBM Cloud with Terraform. You can find the source code for the example of the blog post in this GitHub repository Example to use the IBM Observability Module. In this example we plan to create an Activity Tracker, a Log Analysis, and a Monitoring service instance on IBM Cloud with Terraform.

Some fun with “Watson Text to Speech” and voice model customization

My last blog post was about Watson Speech to Text language model customization and this blog post is about IBM Cloud Watson Text to Speech (TTS) custom voice model configuration. Because, now it's time to have some fun with the Watson TTS service. I created a fun customisation of the service that the German pronunciation sounds a little bit like the palatinate dialect. Here are the differences with two wav file I created with a custom Watson to Text to Speech voice model.

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