Example usage of the internal IBM Cloud GitLab instance

This is a simple cheat sheet which has these two simple objectives:

  1. How to create a group in this GitLab instance and add a member.
  2. How to create a project for that group.

You need an IBM Cloud Account to access the internal IBM Cloud GitLab and you need to see this in context with the IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery service and the IBM Cloud toolchain.


Step 1: Visit https://eu-de.git.cloud.ibm.com/

Step 2: Select “Groups”

Step 3: Create a group

Step 4: Verify the created group

Step 5:  Add a member to the group

Step 6: Select create project

Step 7: Create a blank project or import an existing project

Step 8: Select the group you created for the new project

Step 9: Your new project directly contains the group members

I hope this was useful for you and let’s see what’s next?



#ibmcloud , #ibmcloudcli, #gitlab, #toolchain

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