Update a master node of an OpenShift cluster on IBM Cloud

This small cheat sheet is about “how you update a master node of an IBM Cloud OpenShift cluster” and it is also related to an older blog post I wrote called Using a Red Hat OpenShift cluster on IBM Cloud some basic thoughts. (Link to the IBM Cloud documentation)

Step 1: Login to your IBM Cloud account where your cluster exists

ibmcloud login (--sso)

Step 2: Get cluster configuration

ibmcloud oc cluster config -c $CLUSTERNAME --admin

  • Example output:
The configuration for $CLUSTERNAME was downloaded successfully.

Added context for $CLUSTERNAME to the current kubeconfig file.
You can now execute 'kubectl' commands against your cluster. For example, run 'kubectl get nodes'.
If you are accessing the cluster for the first time, 'kubectl' commands might fail for a few seconds while RBAC synchronizes.

Step 3: Get cluster configuration

Get a basic overview of your current cluster configuration.

ibmcloud oc cluster get -c $CLUSTERNAME

  • Example output:
Retrieving cluster $CLUSTERNAME...
Name:                           XXXXX  
ID:                                 XXXX 
State:                          warning   
Status:                         Some Workers Not Normal   
Created:                        2021-XX-03 17:32:08 +0100 (X month ago)   
Resource Group ID:              XXXX  
Resource Group Name:            Default   
Pod Subnet:                     XX.17.0.0/18   
Service Subnet:                 XX.21.0.0/16   
Workers:                        6   
Worker Zones:                   eu-de-1   
Ingress Subdomain:              XXXXX.eu-de.containers.appdomain.cloud   
Ingress Secret:                 XXXXX
Ingress Status:                 healthy   
Ingress Message:                All Ingress components are healthy   
Public Service Endpoint URL:    https://XXXXX.eu-de.containers.cloud.ibm.com:3XXX  
Private Service Endpoint URL:   https://XXXXX.private.eu-de.containers.cloud.ibm.com:3XXX 
Pull Secrets:                   enabled in the default namespace   
VPCs:                           XXXXX   

Status:     Ready (1 month ago)   
State:      deployed   
Health:     normal   
Version:    4.8.21_1537_openshift   
Location:   Frankfurt   
URL:        https://XXXXX.eu-de.containers.cloud.ibm.com:30160

Step 4: Update master node

ibmcloud oc cluster master update --cluster $CLUSTERNAME
  • Example output:
Checking for the default Kubernetes version...
During the update, you cannot access or change the cluster. Worker nodes, apps, and resources that have been deployed by the user are not modified and will continue to run.
You might need to change your YAML files for future deployments. Review the docs for details: 'https://ibm.biz/iks-versions'.
Are you sure you want to update your Kubernetes API server sag-operation-eu-de-1-bx2.16x64 to 4.8.21_openshift? [y/N]>

I hope this was useful for you and let’s see what’s next?



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