Operations and Developers side by side @“Continuous Lifecycle” and “Container Conf”

Niklas Heidloff  and I  attended the combined software development conference for “Continuous Lifecycle”and “Container Conf” in Mannheim Rosengarten on 14.11. and 15.11.2018.



The conference was sold out and had more than 700 attendees. This was a great place where developer and operation experts exchanged different perspectives.


The talks at the conference were about Micro Services, Docker, Serverless, Tools, Security, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and methods and more.

Keynote of the first day

The opening keynote was “Cloud Native Transformation the past, present and future from Alexis Richardson from weaveworks .


During his keynote it was interesting to see almost everyone is familiar with Kubernetes, but in the audience only 25%  currently use it in production.

He introduced covered the topic gitops , and he showed how to make devops processes and delivery pipelines for Kubernetes more effective with this concept.

Combined power

Simon Moser (IBM) did a very interesting talk “CF3 – Combining the Power of Cloud Found and Kubernetes. He showed live, how the combined power can already be used today in production, with the Cloud Foundry Enterprise instantiation in IBM Cloud.


He communicated transparently, where IBM contributes and uses open source in this context. These are the cloudfoundry-incubator projects where IBM contributes and uses:

  • Fissile converts existing BOSH final or dev releases into docker images.
  • Cf-operator  enables the deployment of BOSH Releases, especially Cloud Foundry, to Kubernetes.
  • Eirini allows a cf push that will create a native Kubernetes container

With all of the above, he showed that you can run a Cloud Foundry containerised on top of Kubernetes (CFEE) today, as well as with Kubernetes as the backend instead of Diego (Eirini). This really combines the developer experience of cf with the operational strengths of K8s, and is a great way of doing cloud native development and operations. That said, he did not forget to mention project knative and the potential impact it will have in the future.
This led to the open roundtable topic we had in the evening: Cloud Foundry vs. Kubernetes vs. Serverless.



At the evening there were several roundtables on different topics. The attendees used these chances to exchange and roundtable hop. All this was in combination with lounge music and good meat 😉


For me the roundtable Cloud Foundry vs. Kubernetes vs. Serverless was also a highlight with very interesting discussions. We had technical and methodic discussions related to these different topics. Along with the fact that operations and development were at the same table, we were able to discuss where development ends and operations begins and what is the impact of these different concepts and technologies for DevOps.  Who is using serverless or all three technologies together? It was great to see how open-minded everyone was.


Once again a great conference to learn, change and have fun.

Let’s see what’s next?



PS: By the way, you can use the IBM Cloud for free, if you simply create an IBM Lite account. Here you only need an e-mail address.

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