Cheat sheet for some special characters on a Mac

Most of the Mac users know the challenge: 

“finding a special character on a Mac keyboard isn’t easy on a Mac … sometimes ;-)”

Some characters you don’t use very often and when you going to use the character again, you forgot the key combination on the keyboard.

Here is a very short list for the German language keyboard of a Mac.

\[Option] and [Shift]
~[Option] and [n]
ˆ[Option] and [Shift] and [k]
^[Option] and [Shift] and [6]
][Option] and [&]
[[Option] and [%]
{[Option] and [(]
}[Option] and [)]

I hope this was useful to you and let’s see what’s next?



#mac, #keyboard, #specialcharacter, #germankeyboard

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