Deploy WordPress on a free IBM Cloud Kubernetes Cluster for non-productive usage

In this blog post I just want to highlight an awesome guideline I noticed on GitHub: How to deploy WordPress to a free IBM Cloud Kubernetes Cluster for non-productive usage?

Why do I say “non-productive”? Because of the free IBM Cloud Kubernetes Cluster , which will be deleted after 30 days. Surely you can also deploy WordPress for production usage, when you deploy to a paid cluster. But maybe you got a feature code for free IBM Cloud at a conference or at a hackathon and you want play around with IBM Cloud, that could be one option.

You can find the instructions for the deployment here: Scalable WordPress deployment on Kubernetes Cluster. By the way, the project is under Apache 2.0 license.


I verified the deployment on my free IBM Cloud Kubernetes Cluster instance using the following  instructions in the GitHub project:

  1. Setup MySQL Secrets
  2. Create local persistent volumes
  3. Create Services and Deployments for WordPress and MySQL
  1. Accessing the external WordPress link
  2. Using WordPress

It worked awesome and I finished the deployment in less than 20 mins. I had a running free Kubernetes Cluster, and kubectl and the ibmcloud cli were installed on my machine.

Here is an image of the Kubernetes dashboard with the deployed WordPress in my free cluster.


In one of my older blog posts I provided information related to the creation of a free Cluster Kubernetes in IBM Cloud.

Free vs. paid standard cluster, here is a small image that contains a feature comparison for a free and a paid standard Kubernetes cluster. For more details just visit the link to the IBM Cloud documentation.

image (1)

I hope this was useful for you and let’s see what’s next?



PS: By the way, you can use the IBM Cloud for free, if you simply create an IBM Lite account. Here you only need an e-mail address.

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