IBM Cloud Container Registry is Deprecating Container Builds

In this blog post I want to point out that I noticed that the IBM Cloud Container Registry is deprecating container builds.

If you don’t know the IBM Cloud Container Registry here are some useful features:

  • Threat insights – It provides advanced capabilities like vulnerability scanning, deployment policy enforcement, and comprehensive risk assessment and prioritization”
  • Integration – It ‘s the IBM Cloud preferred image registry; pre-integrated with the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service for the DevOps workflow using IBM Open Toolchain or existing a CI/CD toolset.”
  • Security – It’s integrated with Identity and Access Manager and Resource Groups to provide fine-grained access controls to users within the IBM Cloud account.”

For me the deprecation of the container build an is important topic, because it does effect some bash script automations I did in the past.

For more information how to handle the migration, please take a look in this blog post from the offering Manager for the IBM Cloud Container Registry.

Here is a short extract of his blog post which fits directly to what I wrote before.

It is very common to use the cr build command in a DevOps pipeline. In IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery, you can use either Classic pipelines or Tekton pipelines to build container images, but you will need to update existing pipelines to replace the cr build command.

So, be aware and start your migration for your Container builds now.


  • IBM Cloud Registry location :
  • IBM Cloud Registry Namespace: cloud-native-suedbro
  • Container image name and tag: authors:1
  1. Old command with the ibmcloud CLI
ibmcloud cr build -f Dockerfile --tag .

2. Replacement using Docker build and push

docker build -t .
docker push

I hope this was useful for you and let’s see what’s next?



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