Getting started with continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) using Tekton and an Open Toolchain on IBM Cloud (Part 1/3)

In this blog post I want to highlight that I created a 10 min detailed overview YouTube video, which is the first video of a video series related to the hands-on tutorial “Develop a Kubernetes app by using Tekton delivery pipelines“. In that tutorial video series, we setup an easy consumable Tekton pipeline in a toolchain using developer tools for think, code and deploy in context of continuous delivery. We deploy a containerized web application to a free Kubernetes Cluster on IBM Cloud.

I like that tutorial, because at the end you have an easy consumable UI to dig into Tekton pipeline executions and the result logs, without any additional effort. It’s a single point of entry for your Tekton pipeline and the related tools.

From my perspective the tutorial also provides a lot of reusable code for example: How to configure Tekton YAMLs for a pipeline, tasks, steps and a listener using parameter for the configuration and has bash scripts to automate the deployment of the containerized web application to a free IBM Cloud Kubernetes Cluster and the IBM Cloud Container Registry.

That reminds me a bit to what we did for our Cloud Native Starter project:
We wrote also a lot of bash scripts for automation for a better and easier usage
experience, when you setup one of our examples of our project

The gif below shows a more detailed overview from the video, which shows what will be used inside the IBM Cloud.

  1. Create a free IBM Cloud Kubernetes Cluster
  2. Create a Namespace in the IBM Cloud Registry
  3. Create a Toolchain
  4. Add the tools to the Toolchain:
    • GitRepo/Issue Tracking
    • Delivery Pipeline private Worker
    • Delivery Pipeline
  5. Run the Tekton Pipeline tasks
    • Build
    • Validate
    • Deploy

Relate to step 5 it’s useful to watch the following YouTube video with Matthew Perrins to get started with Tekton PipelineRun, Pipeline, PipelineResource, Task and Steps on IBM Cloud.

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I hope this was useful for you and let’s see what’s next?



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