Getting started with continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) using Tekton and an Open Toolchain on IBM Cloud (Part 3/3)

This blog post is about the last 14 min video for my YouTube playlist related to the hands-on tutorial “Develop a Kubernetes app by using Tekton delivery pipelines“. In this video we do the final setup of the toolchain and then we execute a Tekton pipeline. For more background please visit my first blog post “Getting started with continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) using Tekton and an Open Toolchain on IBM Cloud (Part 1/3)“.

Note: The video was live recorded and it would take 30 min for the entire session, but I did reduce the time of the video to only 14 min ;-).

But now the video could be sometimes a little bit (too) fast.

In that video I do provide background information along with some simple tips, which can help to avoid pitfalls, when you have the right understanding.


First I show how to setup the toolchain by …


In the second part of the video I do execute a Tekton pipeline and do a small change in a YAML file for a task step definition. The image below shows a simplified view of the dependencies of a pipeline, a task and steps in Tekton.

Here is a short overview of the content in the video:

More detailed information

For more information how the configuration of a Tekton pipeline in detail works, I suggest to take a look into following two videos. The first from Sebastian Daschner and the second Dewan Ahmed. They do provide a good overview and introduction to Tekton itself.

Here is the related blog post from Sebastian Video course on cloud-native CI/CD with Tekton & ArgoCD.

Here is GitHub project from Dewan Ahmed Tekton101.

Related blog posts:

I hope this was useful for you and let’s see what’s next?



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