(outdated) Absolute beginner Node-RED flow

The motivation for that blog post is: When I support Hackathons I notice there’s often a lack of programming knowledge and building UIs, but they have awesome ideas. If this is the case, then Node-RED is a perfect starting point to realize a prototype at a hackathon. The dashboard of Node-RED is a awesome way to build a UI, but there was a “out of the box” Node missing to simply add a table. Now I found a very useful Node that’s create a table inside a Node-RED dashboard.

That’s motivated me to create an example GitHub project, which provides an example to build a simple application from scratch.

The gif shows the simple functionality of the flow.

  • Enter a new user
  • Search for lastname
  • Inspect result


After the setup of the example you should be able to use your Node-RED instance on IBM Cloud to

The following 25 min YouTube video shows the setup:

You can also simply step into the topic you are interested in or open the related documentation:​

– Create data entries: (2:40) (documentation)

– Get data entries: (5:54) (documentation)

– Search for entries: (6:59) (documentation)

– Setup dashboard UI: (10:01) (documentation)

– Add input form: (12:10) (documentation)

– Add table: (15:59) (documentation)

– Add example search: (18:43) (documentation)

– Tips, if something doesn`t work (documentation)

I hope this was useful for you and let’s see what’s next?



#IBMCloud, #nodered #hackathon

PS:  By the way, you can use the IBM Cloud for free, if you simply create an IBM Lite account. Here you only need an e-mail address and for more information about IBM Cloud information sources? 

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