Change the index-url in pip.conf

You may run into the situation that you can’t install libraries for Python on your local computer.

python3 -m pip installpython-dotenv 

You will get a warning like this:

WARNING: 401 Error, Credentials not correct for
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To solve this, you first list all the pip configurations.

pip config -v list

In the list, you see all your relevant locations.

For variant 'global', will try loading '/Library/Application Support/pip/pip.conf'
For variant 'user', will try loading '/Users/thomassuedbroecker/.pip/pip.conf'
For variant 'user', will try loading '/Users/thomassuedbroecker/.config/pip/pip.conf'
For variant 'site', will try loading '/Users/thomassuedbroecker/.pyenv/versions/3.9.16/pip.conf'

Open the file and verify the configuration

nano /Users/thomassuedbroecker/.pip/pip.conf

For example, if you only have one entry, the global configuration to is provided by Python or just correct the credentials ;-).


I hope this was useful to you, and let’s see what’s next?



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