Show the collection IDs of IBM Cloud Watson Discovery projects using cURL

This blog post is a simple example (cheat sheet) of listing the collections for a project in Watson Discovery using cURL and the IBM Cloud Watson Discovery API V2. You can get more details in the IBM Cloud Watson Discovery API documentation.

1. Log on to IBM Cloud

ibmcloud login (-sso)

2. List the projects

OAUTHTOKEN=$(ibmcloud iam oauth-tokens | awk '{print $4;}')


curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer $OAUTHTOKEN" "$DISCOVERY_URL/v2/projects?version=$VERSION"
  "projects" : [ {
    "project_id" : "YYYYY",
    "type" : "document_retrieval",
    "name" : "Sample Project 1",
    "collection_count" : 1
  }, {
    "project_id" : "ZZZZZ",
    "type" : "document_retrieval",
    "name" : "Sample Project 2",
    "collection_count" : 1
  } ]

3. List the collections

OAUTHTOKEN=$(ibmcloud iam oauth-tokens | awk '{print $4;}')


curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer $OAUTHTOKEN" "$DISCOVERY_URL/v2/projects/$PROJECT_ID/collections?version=$VERSION"
  "collections" : [ {
    "name" : "Collection1",
    "collection_id" : "ZZZZZ_ZZZZZZ"
  } ]

I hope this was useful to you, and let’s see what’s next?



#curl, #watsondiscovery, #api, #watson, #ibmcloud, #ai

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