Find simple tutorials for `Watson Libraries for Embed`

This short blog post is about where you can find great simple tutorials for “Watson Libraries for Embed“.

First you can start on the official IBM Watson Libraries for Embed documentation.

But here I want to highlight the tutorials made by the Build Lab Team available on the public GitHub. Here are three tutorials to run Watson Libraries for Embed in Docker on your local machine:

If you are an IBM Business Partner, you can also find these tutorials by using the IBM Technology Zone (TechZone):

For IBM Partner is also an interactive self-service available for you called “IBM Digital SelfService Co-Create Experience for Embeddable AI”. You can access this self-service by using the IBM Partner World. There is an article called Let’s embed AI into products to deliver differentiated solutions, that contains the link to the self-service.

In additional here are my personal blog posts related to Watson NLP and STT for embed all are pointing to public GitHub projects, my focus in the blog posts is always to offer an automation for a setup, if it is possible.

Watson NLP:

Watson STT:

I hope this was useful to you and let’s see what’s next?



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