New hands-on workshop: Get started to deploy a Java Microservices application to Code Engine

Code Engine is build to create modern, source-centric, containerized, and serverless apps and jobs.
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The topic batch jobs is more related to AI and machine learning, and run AI model training temporarily with highly workload, and thats at the moment not so much in my scope.

My starting point with Code Engine was in my YouTube video: Code Engine, Containerized Application, Node-RED Starter Kit and Scale To Zero. With that in mind, from my perspective Code Engine is a very good starting point for smaller containerized applications, because you can precisely control costs with scale to zero. … and by the way, it’s easy of use.

That motivated me to create a simple hands-on workshop, where you are guided to deploy the Cloud Native Starter security example application to Code Engine. The source code of the example application is included to the GitHub project of the workshop. Access the the workshop on IBM Developer.

The workshop addresses the topic containerized applications on IBM Cloud Code Engine:

  • Deploy an existing Java microservices containerized application example to Code Engine
  • Understand internal and external HTTP/HTTPS routing between the microservices
  • Use the Out-Of-The-Box monitoring for the example application
  • Use the Out-Of-The-Box logging for the example application

The scope of this workshop is not to explain every aspect of running an application or job on Code Engine. It’s just about containerized applications.

You can visit the workshop with that link.

Note: Now also a YouTube video related to the workshop is available on the IBM Developer YouTube channel

I hope this was useful for you and let’s see what’s next?



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