Being @Code.Talks the Germany’s Largest Developer Conference

Here is my point of view of that conference, with some pictures made during the conference.

It was a conference about being a speaker in the developer advocate role, doing teaming at the booth, having very good discussions, “sprit coins” 😉 at the party and no to forget good food at an exciting location the CinemaXX Hamburg-Dammtor.

Being a speaker

This was my first speech as IBM developer advocate together with @fernando_cejas. The title was “Leaving the Kindergarten with OpenWhisk” . The preparation was an exciting teaming. We had very good productive discussions on different point of views; on architecture, business and so on. These discussions let to rich interesting content for our talk about Serverless, OpenWhisk and IBM Cloud Functions.

After the session and during the conference we had interesting exchange with attendees of our talk about pro and cons of Serverless.

  • When does Serverless make sense, from the technical and business view?
  • What are the technical restrictions? For example, how important is the first call of an action and the response time?
  • Which impact does one action has on business?
  • What are the best code sizes for actions?
  • What about long time running actions and so on?


Exchange on technology topics

The conference and the speaker’s dinner provided good platform to exchange on different technical and business topics and getting new interesting contacts. I had exchanges on the topics of testing, the fast technology and programming languages changes and sure the wide area on usage possibilities with cloud. Of cause also, IBM Cloud and the underling OpenSource technologies, were also intensive discussed topics. For example, using the open toolchain in IBM Cloud .


Running out of t-shirts

It was nice to see the IBM Developer Code T-Shirt style and design is cool and does directly fit to the developer fashion, there were no remaining t-shirt at the end.


Try avoiding eating too much …

The food at the conference was on high quality and tasted very good. It was a wide range from fast food to healthy vegan.

Teaming at the booth

It felt good being a part of a wide extended team, where help is self-evident.

Overall; these were two intensive days, with a wide range of impressions.

I am looking forward is coming next 😉



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